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Welcome to my Web site!

Hello my name is Al Turgon and I am from Flower Mound, Texas. I was born and raised in Humboldt, TN. I treasure those years, but that was then and this is now...

Spent almost two years at the University of Tennessee and it wasn't working. I left Tennessee seeking new adventures in Houston, Texas. Got a job with Tenneco and that lasted until the Army called. My army experience was unusual to say the least. I ended up working as a civilian (but still in the Army) in the US Embassy Bangkok, Thailand.  I was assigned to the 5th RRU which was part of the Army Security Agency. Our mission was assigned to us by the National Security Agency (NSA). Interesting huh!? Spent a little over two years there. No one spoke English so guess what? We learned the Thai langue. They didn't have bilingual lessons in Thailand. If you wanted to eat, you spoke Thai. Prior to that I spent one year in the Philippines at Clark Air Base.

After the Army I was not ready to settle down so I signed on with RCA Service Corp and went to work on the Atlantic Missile Range. I worked in great places like Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, San Salvador, Grand Turk, Ascension Island, and finally Receife, Brazil. After two years of sand and sun it was time to settle down.

Enter Brown Shoe Co. and Cammy Ryan my future wife.  I got a job as a Sales Trainee and four month later Cammy and I got married in St. Louis. After two years as a sales trainee I was assigned to travel Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. Cammy quit her job at Xerox and off we went to Annapolis, Maryland.

Maryland is a beautiful state and we enjoyed the two years we spent there. We met a lot of nice people and still keep in touch with one or two special people.

January 1969 was the month we got the news that we were moving to Texas. What a culture shock for Cammy! We made a trip to Dallas in February 1969  to look for a place to live. That first night in the Hotel Cammy was in tears about how Dallas was nothing but a desert! Flat, mostly treeless etc. We finally made the move in April of 1969 and we have enjoyed every minute since then. Our first address was a townhouse near SMU. We met our first friends there, Ginger and Doug Simmons. We still keep in touch and consider them VSP. (very special people.) After two years we left the townhouse for the Preston Towers on Northwest HWY. It was and still is a luxury high rise. What an elegant way to live. But then it was time for a family and we needed a house. When it comes to real estate we are two of the luckiest people alive. Fox and Jacobs was building new homes in a great neighborhood in the middle of upscale custom homes. Therese was two months old when we made the move. Now our new family had a back yard and all the good thing that go with owning a home. It turned out to be an outstanding neighborhood as almost all the families had everything in common. Kids and more kids. In two years we added a pool. After all, this was Dallas, Texas. A year later along came Albert and again it was time for a new house with more room. We moved further north to Old Pond Street in far north Dallas. A beautiful home big lot and new friends. One year there and it was time for a pool. After all, this was Dallas, Texas...

Horses have always been a great hobby for Cammy. We joined Willow Bend Hunt and Polo club and started boarding Cammy's mare there. It also had a pool, tennis courts and rec. facilities for the members and their children. Therese and Albert joined the swim team and they competed all over north Dallas. What fun... When Therese was nine or so she became interested in horses like her mother and is still ridding and competing today. Albert had lots of interest but horses was not one of them. Albert was interested in radio controlled cars, motor bikes and finally after college he got his pride and joy, a red Harley custom sportster. Very nice..

In May of 1982 Cammy convinced the family to move out to Flower Mound, Texas. We bought a nice house with a barn and five acres. Now we could keep our horses at home and save the board. After two years it was time to build a p------. After all, this was still Texas. In 1982 Flower Mound had fewer than 6,000 people and we hardly had any neighbors. Now it is a city of over 50,000, we have a full street. We have police, environmental police, tree police, animal police, zoning police, building police and so on. Every one here is very civilized except the politicians. In 1985 or 86 Cammy started her career in real estate. Wow what a career! In the last 4 years Cammy has sold over 100,000,000 million dollars of real estate. Her largest single sale was an 11,000,000 million dollar ranch around the corner from our house. And I thought I was a good shoe salesman!

After 911 Brown Shoe decide to regroup and a few of the old-timers like me were put out to pasture.


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