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Humboldt Reunion 2005 August 26 and 27
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It's official!!!! Humboldt High School Class of 1955 held its 50th year class reunion on August 26 and 27 - 2005. The official start of the Reunion was held at the Lashlee-Jones Cabin August 26 for Bar B Que, get-togethers and general fun. Saturday August 27 we were  at Crenshaw Christmas Tree Barn and Farm. This was the site of our general class meeting. It was big, it was casual and a wonderful place to meet and renew old friendships.

We are all looking for ideas for our next reunion to be held sometime in 2010. If you have any grand ideas or small ideas let some one know. 2010 will properly be the last "big" gathering for our class. Not that we will be incapacitated but it is getting more difficult to  travel for us all. If the democrats have there way we will be limited to maybe 100 miles a trip. They waited a long time for us to get to $4.00 a gallon, next will be very short trips to conserve energy. Of course drilling for new oil is out of the question.

If you have any information that you would like to pass along to the class via my newsletter, just send it to me and presto it will be done. I would rather put your information in the newsletter than my usual drivel.

Just a crazy collection of pictures that I found at home. If you have any you would like to see published on this web site just e-mail them to me at: or Surely someone has some better pictures. You can send me originals and I will copy them and send them back via Fex Ex right away. That is how I got some of these pictures.

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Many thanks to Fred Marshall, Ida Faye and Charles Heglar for most of the e-mail addresses.

Check your e-mail address and if it is not right let me know. Thanks Al or

E-mail list of Class of 1955                                                       E-mail list of Class of 1954                

Sally Bond Miller Richard Alexander
James Boyd Ross Campbell
Betty Fuller Liles Jerry Chapman
Lynda Herndon Kennedy Thomas Craddock
Jack Keenan Jerry Duncan
T.O. Lashlee Shirley Jewell Fortner
Fred Marshall Joyce Gooch
Mitzi Plunk Gilmer Nelson Harrison
Herbert Rollins herbrollins@aol.xom James Hazlewood
Carl Van Sanders Ted Jones
Dorothy Tucker Cole Bernard Keys
Al Turgon Allan Layne
Cecil Bratcher Charles McCullum
Bobby Lee Childress Barbara Parker
Don Sedberry James Screws
Nancy Carol Smith Herbert Steed
Ida Faye Heglar Dovey Taylor
James Horner John Wever
Barbara Link    
Sandra Harshberger    





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